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Laundry Room Cabinets and Refresh

 One room that really needed an update was our laundry room.  Here a picture of the "Before" after we moved in. You can see the wall paper peeling off, there is a large gap above the cupboards and one of the cupboards is set back in. First thing to do was remove the wall paper boarder.  I enlisted some help for this project. They had a blast.  All we used some a spray bottle with some water and it peeled right off.  Then I painted a portion of the wall white. Added some board and batten - you can see I was working on the half bath at the same time too.  We also had to get a new washer at this point since the other stopped working. I painted the walls a light gray - almost an off white color.  Looking much better already.  Then it was time to fix these cabinets.  I didn't like how one cabinet was not flush with the others and that there was a large gap at the top - great space for dust to collect.   We had new custom cabinets installed that go to the ceiling, so no more ga

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