The Blue Room

When we moved into our house over two years ago, there was a bedroom in the basement that had one wall painted this pretty turquoise blue color.  

So instead of changing it up, I went with it and found decor and bedding to match. (Love the custom closets too.) 

Close up of the night stand decor.

The dresser and night stand I picked up from a classified listing.  They are nice for extra storage.

The pictures on the wall are just a white canvas with scrapbook paper.  The center picture is a metal piece that is framed that I found at Kohl's.

I found the cute gray and white wooden box at Hobby Lobby.  I added the feet and a knob for a handle.  The gray 3-drawer box is also from hobby Lobby.  I love the added detail of the frames on each drawer.

We use this as a spare bedroom, so it doesn't get used all the time, but it's all set when we have company come stay.

So that's our "blue" room.


  1. That looks very nice.I blogged often in 2012 trying to get back into it Life in Johns world

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