A Little Dollar Spot Goodness

I know we all love Target and especially the dollar spot goodness you can find. I've gotten many great things in those bins, including these little silver and red ornaments.

Well remember my free apothecary jar I picked up a free weeks ago, well I thought these ornaments would be the perfect addition.

Since I was going to need a few more ornaments than I had purchased, I decided to use a filler, a toilet paper roll. I put that in first and then layered the ornaments around it like so.

Isn't it so pretty all filled up?

Then I put it up on my kitchen cupboards along with some other Christmas decor.

Do you want to see what else I did today?

Since we were getting some pretty big icicles on our house, I thought I would try to knock them down. After a few throws of the basketball they came crashing down, but my ball got stuck on the roof. Bummer - guess it will have to wait until the hubby comes home. Looks like I'll have to try the other side tomorrow.


  1. Very nice! I love all the ideas you come up with! Check out my blog! I posted pictures of how my house is decorated inside!

  2. What a smart idea... then it only takes half as many! You rock girlfriend!

  3. Love it! I saw those same balls in the dollar store and wanted to put 'em in a jar. I think I'll do it. I can just picture you with that basketball!! :)

  4. This idea is genius! I'm featuring it on my blog tomorrow & linking back to you. :)

    ~Steph @ Silver Boxes

  5. Love this idea! Shared here

  6. Absolutely love this idea!! Just shared with my FB page.
    Dishin with didi

    Thank you!! ♥

  7. Awesome idea!! I was just headed to the store for more bulbs, now I don't have to spend the money and time!! Thanks, you rock!

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