Isn't that one of the best things about summer - fresh melon. Of course we enjoyed our first watermelon Memorial Day weekend. It was so delish. I'm craving some right now. I just love that burst of juice and flavor when you bite into it. Seems like I always have juice running down my chin.

Well speaking of watermelon, I found this cute little shelf at the local thrift store and decided it would be perfect for that big space above my kitchen cabinets. It was missing two of the drawers, but I figured I could just turn them into little shelves. Here's the before all covered in dust. Notice the two watermelons on the bottom drawer. I don't know why they were stenciled on upside down though.

I pulled out my black spray paint and gave that little shelf a couple coats to freshen it up. Yes, that's much better. Then I found it a spot up on my kitchen cupboards. Since we're in summer mode, I put up my americana decor just in time for Memorial Day. So to the shelf I added a berry wreath with some stars and a fabric bow. I just love it.

So enjoy some watermelon!


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