Wood - Wood - Wood

So on Saturday I needed a piece of wood for a project I had been thinking about. I ran to Home Depot just to see what they had in their scrap bin that I could use for cheap. [Just an FYI they charge $.51 for leftover cut wood.] So I always check there first. I found a piece that was just the width I needed. I had the Home Depot guy cut it up for me. I was so pleased to find a few other scraps laying around by the saw and he said I could take them as well and count that as one piece. So for $1.09 (including tax) I got this.

Now what to do with it. I got one project done right after I got home with the wood, which I'll show you tomorrow. But for the rest of it, I'm thinking of a few Halloween/Fall projects I could do.

I sure love a good find. Happy Monday.


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