Trick Or Treat Banner

Last weekend I pulled out the Halloween decor.  My oldest even asked me to wake him up early Saturday morning so he could help.  We got most of it done and added a few scary touches here and there. 

I worked on the mantel myself - since it's a little too high anyway.  But one thing I wanted to add to the mantel was a banner.  After deciding to use TRICK OR TREAT, I got to work. 

I didn't have any letters on hand, so I just printed some out on regular paper on my computer and used some card stock.

I cut out the letters and attached them to the card stock with double sided tape.  Punched two holes in the top and then ran some twine through the holes.  I also added some ribbon between each letter.

On either side of the "OR" I added a cupcake pick skeleton.  I found them at Michael's on my last trip there and thought they were too cute to pass up.

I loved the little hinges for the arms and legs.  I just love how it turned out.  I decided to use the bright traditional Halloween colors this year.

Super simple and just used what I had on hand, besides the skeletons.  Tomorrow I'll show you the rest of my mantel.


  1. This came out so well. Can't wait to see the rest of your mantle! Have a great day,


  2. ditto on the skeletons - way too cute!
    I think I need to do something like this - however, I don't have a mantel :(

  3. Cute idea! I bet your son loves it.

    Have a wonderful evening,


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