Back From Vacation

So did you think I dropped off a cliff or something? I know it's been ages since I've posted anything at all. But we've been busy vacationing so I decided to give the blogging a break. Here's where we went.


Magic Kingdom

Hollywood Studios


Legoland (which just opened)

And Animal Kingdom

It was a busy fun-packed vacation but we all had a blast and loved going on all the rides and meeting some of our favorite characters.  We also got to spend time with my parents who drove down from Virginia to meet up with us. 

Then last week, we spent the week here.

Park City - Canyons.

It was more of a staycation, but the boys loved going swimming everyday.  The last day it even snowed on us, but luckily the indoor/outdoor pool was heated and we enjoyed every minute of it.  We had a great week.

Now we're done with vacations for the year.  Back to work and school and crafting . . . right!!


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