Decorating with Candy

Valentine's Day is a perfect holiday to decorate with candy.  Red hots, candy hearts, gum balls and jelly beans are perfect to use to fill glass jars to help decorate for the holiday.  I found some pink, white and red jelly beans and decided they would be perfect for my apothecary jar.

Instead of just throwing them all together in the jar, I decided to separate them.  My little helper loved doing this project.

The kid didn't eat a single one, until the end when he asked nicely if he could have one.  I gave him a few for his hard work.  Then we layered them in the jar.

And put them up on the cupboards to add a pop of color.

Even though they are mostly for looks and high on the cupboards, my husband likes to snitch a few here and there.  We'll see if they last until Valentine's.  So do you decorate with candy for the holidays?


  1. I love using candy as decorations! I love the layered look you created. Too cute! And I'm not talking about just the candy here either! ;) Your little helper is adorable!

  2. I can't believe how big your little helper is getting. He is still as cute as ever...

    We love decorating with candy too, for all the holidays! However, we put a toilet paper or paper towel roll in the middle of the jar of candy (put a crinkled paper towel in each end so it doesn't fill up with candy) then you use less candy which leaves more for the little helper to eat. :)


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