Tie Onesie

Okay, I've seen these cute tie onesies all over the place - but I wanted to try my hand at making some.  Of course, this 15 minute project turned into a 5 hour project because my sewing machine wasn't cooperating one bit - come to find out the bobbin was wound too loose and was messing up my tension (only took me 5 hours to figure that out).

I bought the materials at Walmart, including the onesies.  Just as an FYI, I checked out both the Gerber onesies and the Baby of Mine (Walmart brand) and liked the thickness of the Baby of Mine much more, so bought a pack of 3.   

I ended up making them all the same.  I thought they turned out pretty good for my first attempt.  Especially, since I pull out my sewing machine about once a year to use.  I may just have to make a few more.  I plan to give these away as gifts.


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