Going Green

Well no baby news yet. . . but while I'm waiting, I've been working this week.  So not much time for anything else.  My mom flew into town on Tuesday though - so now baby is welcome to come whenever he feels ready.

A couple weekends ago, after my boys helped me take down all the Valentine decorations, we proceeded to deck the house out in green for St. Patrick's Day.  As we were getting the decorations out, my oldest said, "Now the baby can come?"  Since I was trying to help him grasp when the baby might be coming I told him around St. Patrick's Day, when we put up all the shamrocks.  So he was excited to help us go green knowing his baby brother would be coming soon too.

So here's what we put together.

I made the specimen art last year.  The black and white polka dot plate was the same from my Valentine mantel, but just changed up with a shamrock.  The Luck blocks I believe I bought from Terry's Village years ago.

Last year I made these Luck blocks and the St. Patrick's Day stackers.  Scatter a few gold coins here and there and we're ready for St. Patrick's Day. 


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