The First Project . . . Garage

Before we even started moving in, the first project I wanted to tackle was priming the walls in the garage.  The garage at least had been finished off, insulated and sheet rocked, now it just needed a coat of primer.  The brown walls just needed to be lightened.  The shelving was left by the previous owners, which is a great storage feature.

You can see even the ceilings were the same too.  It just needed a coat of paint to help brighten up the space.

 So with some help from my cousin we began to cover the walls with some primer.

I didn't end up adding any paint, just primer and that made a world of difference.  This is a blurry photo - but you get the idea of what a difference it made.

The garage is a dark space to begin with since there are no windows, but priming the walls white helped brighten things up quite a bit. I was so glad it was done just in time for moving day.


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