Clean Out Linen Closet - Check

This week I have been working on a few organizational projects - nothing too exciting. This closet is one that would bug me every time I opened it. One day I finally had enough because I couldn't cram one more thing on my medicine shelf so I decided to clean it all out. Here's what I had to work with.

Top part of the closet has our medicine, a few sheets, cleaning rags, and other odds and ends.

The bottom two shelves hold towels and the blankets are on the floor. As you can see the blankets are higher than the bottom shelf.

So first I cleaned everything out and gave the shelves a good wipe down. I didn't have time for any painting, I wanted this project done within a day, plus it wasn't really in "need" of a fresh coat of paint.

I threw away all the expired meds - that was half of the mess right there. Organized everything else in nice piles and got rid of a few other things. So much better now.

I put the sheets up on the top shelf since we don't use those very often. I moved the beach towels down a couple shelves for easy access this summer and then moved the meds up a shelf to make it harder for little hands to get access to.

I moved some of the blankets down to another location and then organized the bath towels.

Now I can actually see the carpet again. Clean and organized makes me so happy!!


  1. you inspire me. I so need to get/be organized! Maybe one day :D

  2. Wow! Your newly reorganized closet looks great! Reminds me that I should go take a look at mine! :)

  3. Have you ever considered storing the sheets between the mattress and the box springs of the bed to which they belong? You have to fold them rather flat to accomplish this, but it frees up so much storage space.


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