Can I just say I love the Target end caps and all their clearance goodies. Well last week I came across this.

For only this.

I had a Laugh sign that I picked up at Dollar Tree that I've shown you before.

But look at the size difference.

This one is much nicer too. I decided to paint the other white and put it in my son's room. But this one will stay in the family room.

There were a few others like Wish and Dream, but I decided to go with the Laugh.

So do you ever check the end caps at Target?


  1. The end caps at Target are my JOY! I always do an end cap loop around the store. I have found some great deals that way.

  2. That is so cute! I looove searching Target for their clearance stuff. I just scored Thomas O'Brien bedding 75% off! only $20 bucks woo hoo!

  3. very Cute vignette. I have a laugh sign too... and I put it in my kids bathroom.. since they like to laugh and giggle and be silly in front of the mirror. Have a good one. Jen

  4. Very cute! What a great Target steal!

  5. I am a Target endcap 75% off only)shopper!!! I saw those signs a couple of weeks ago and almost picked one up.


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