Okay, time for a little more organization.  Since we've been in our house 10 years, things have been accumulating more than I have wanted.  So I decided to start working on my basement and getting it in shape.  I'm not much of keeper to begin with, but when you start to run short on space, things need to go or they begin take over.  Our basement is only a partial basement, so having only 400 square feet to work with can be a challenge too.

Michael's was having some crazy sales this last week - so I hope you ventured out and found some great deals.  One item they had on sale were their cubes - 50% off.   Sweet.  I like to make cards and scrapbook every now and then, so having a place to store all my "stuff" where I can easily access it is a must.  I have a few of these cubes already, but wanted a couple more.  So here's what I picked up.

I love that you can stack them and that they can hold my 12x12 scrapbooking supplies, paper and all my embellishments.  On the box is a picture of what your creative space could look like.

It just looks so clean and fresh to see all those straight lines and everything perfectly organized.  So this weekend I went to work putting my four cubes together.  They are not difficult to put together by any means, especially when you are using a power screwdriver.  The most time consuming one, is the one with all the drawers of course.  But here they are all assembled.

Now to put them in my work space.  I call it a space, because it's not a room.  Our basement is unfinished so in one corner I have two 6-foot tables set up in an L shape and that's my space.  I added my new finished cubes to one of the tables and I was in business.  Now I just hope this table can support the weight of these fairly heavy cubes.  Who knows, one night we might hear a huge crash in the basement and I'll know it's my table.  As you can see it's supporting 10 of those cubes.

Okay, now I'm ready to get to work on some scrapbook pages and some cards.  But until then, I'm on to the next project in our basement where we have some storage/shelving issues going on.  One area is starting to look like the Leaning Tower of Pisa - so we'll see what I can do.


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