Thrift Store Find - Trasket

Okay, you're probably wondering what in the world is a trasket. Right? Well, while I was at the thrift store last week, I came across this in the basket pile.

So what would you call it? A basket, a tray or a trasket.  It's not huge, about 8x8, but I loved that it had handles. So I snatched it up for a buck. Can't go wrong, huh.  I decided it would be perfect for some greenery.  It adds another layer to my little spring display.

Now it's sitting pretty on one of the toy cupboards.    

My mom made me that cute rabbit picture out of some of my grandfather's work clothes. He passed away in 1998, so it's a great reminder of him.

Pretty cool, huh?  So what would you do with a trasket?  Use it to hold napkins - probably its real purpose?  Fill it with odds and ends?  Please, do tell.


  1. I would use the trasket to hold sliced bread!

  2. That's awesome! I never would have thought to use clothes of someone close to you in that way! I love it! That would be fun to take some of Josh's old clothes and make a picture with some of them for his kids (someday) we still need to get he and Kendra married! I'm so glad I found you... you are amazing!

  3. I love what your Blogg. I really am touched by what your mom made. God Bless!


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