Reclaiming My Space

We'll it's been awhile since I've posted anything - but life has just been crazy busy and blogging is waaaay down on the bottom of my To Do list - which I never get to.  But today I wanted to make time.

Well just a little recap - new baby came along in March and now he's 6 months old.  Man the time has zoomed by.

After he was first born, we had him sleeping in a pack n' play in our bedroom.  Because we were using his room as a spare room for company, he wasn't able to have his own space, until recently.  I have been busily trying to update his room.  We are using the same furniture and bedding that were used by our other two boys, but I wanted to "freshen" things up a bit.

I had this little set of drawers for quite some time but it was more of an off white, instead of bright white (hard to tell in photo).

So I gave the crib and drawers a fresh coat of spray paint.

As well as this metal shelf.

So it's a work in progress but things are coming along.  I'll be back to show you some more projects in this room.

If you want to see how I made my photo pedestals check out this post


  1. O'Kathy, he is adorable and has grown so much! It's hard to believe that he is now six months old!!

  2. Oh, how I have missed your posts. I know life is busy and I can't believe how fast your little guy has grown :)
    Can't wait to see what you do next to 'freshen up' his room.

  3. I have this exact miniature chest-of-drawers! What a delightful thing to pop on to your blog and see such a familiar thing. :)


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