Before and After Light Switch

It's the simple things in life that really count, right?  Remember way back when I said I had a few more "little" projects I wanted to finish up in my son's room, well this is one of those projects.  It seriously only took me about 3 minutes.  See the before - just plain and ordinary, pretty blah.
So I decided to change it up a bit and go for the beadboard look.  You can find these light covers at your local hardware store.  I picked up this one at Lowes.

 So much better now, right?  I love how it adds just that little extra touch.

I actually updated the photos in the frames too.  I love how the beadboard coordinates with the bookcase and wall hangings.  Just a couple other small touches and this room is done.

I don't think every light switch in the house needs to be updated, but they can make a subtle change  to the room.  My boys noticed I switched it out - they are pretty good about noticing those small details. 


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