Personalized Baby Room

I think my summer vacation has finally come to an end - including my blogging vacation.  Time to get back to work on all accounts.  Summer is actually when I put in more hours at work.  So between working my real job, mini vacations here and there and the boys home during the day, I didn't get much accomplished this summer or have the time to blog about any of it either.  We did have one memorable hike up to the Delicate Arch in Moab, Utah.  It was quite the hike and quite the view. (We're the little specks under the arch - that's how big it was.)

I was finally able to get another small project checked off my list.  I like to add a little personalization to my boys' rooms.  So months ago when I did a little mini makeover in the baby's room, I didn't quite get to this project - until recently.  I wanted to add my son's name above the doorway. 

I bought a 9 inch white letter "L" and some scrapbook paper at Michael's.

Added the scrapbook paper with some Mod Podge.

Then I ordered the rest of his name in vinyl from Utah Vinyl.

I hung the letter on the wall with a nail and then added the vinyl.  So cute!!

 Now it's officially his room - despite the fact next week he'll be a year and a half.

If you want to see the rest of his room you can check it out here.  And here's my cute little Logan - love that kid.


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