Gobble, Gobble

Well since I was on a Thanksgiving decor kick, I went ahead and made another project with some of my wood I picked up at Home Depot. This time I painted my wood with Mud Pie Americana color. This is a 2x4 that is about 16 inches long.

I sanded the edges to make it look a little worn.

Then I added my vinyl that I ordered from Jill. She does such a great job and is so good about cutting out all my projects I want to do. Go check out her site sometime.

It probably took me about a half hour to do this project - mostly time just waiting for the paint to dry. So quick and cheap. I'm just loving it. It's getting stored away till after Halloween, but now there's another project I can cross off my list.

Here's a picture I took with the flash.

Here's another without the flash, since the window was too bright in the kitchen I just switched things up a bit.

Well I think that's my last Thanksgiving project, for the moment. But you never know what I may stumble upon next.


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