Not one of THOSE Days!!

Ya know how sometimes when it's starting to get dark outside and it's almost time to put the kiddos to bed and you're wondering where the day went? Then you start to think, "did I even do anything today?" Well today my friends was Not one of THOSE Days. With two boys dressed and feed and then one off to school, I got busy. With my shadow close on my heels, we picked up and put away the toys, dusted all the rooms in the house, cleaned the kitchen, put some laundry in, cleaned both the bathrooms and vacuumed the whole house. See what a good helper he is. He loves to vacuum.

After we got the inside looking decent, we headed outside and got the front yard mowed, watered some dry spots in the grass and then watered all the flower pots good.

Then it was time for school pick up. After lunch, I got my green beans picked.

Picked up a few peaches that had fallen off the tree (not all of these are from today)

ran and few errands and made some peanut butter cookies.

I also got to watch the J man play one of his games on the PS2. What a boy.

I've been busy the last couple days with craft projects, so today was clean up day. Now I should show you my work space - that's one area I didn't get to. And that's where everything has been "dumped" for the last week, but that's a project for another day.

See I told you it was a mess - don't look too close. Now I can only be a super woman for one day. This will have to wait until Saturday.

What did you accomplish today?


  1. Wow, that's impressive! And I don't think your work area is all that messy...creative genius requires a lot of stuff!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting on my spice drawer. Now on to that pantry...


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