Another Pumpkin

Here is another pumpkin I made for my bedroom to go along with the whole color scheme. What do you think? Have you ever seen a blue and brown pumpkin? I thought it turned out pretty cute.

Oh the possibilities.


  1. You are going crazy with those pumpkins :)
    They look great! I love the colors and your coordinating skills!

  2. I think the blue and brown combo is pretty. Great job....Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a sweet comment. Linda

  3. looove. this would be the perfect way to incorporate autumn into places like the bathroom. good thinkin'

    ps - thanks for stopping by Just Drops and sayin' hi!


  4. I've never seen a blue and brown pumpkin but I really love it!!

  5. I've never seen a pumpkin made with those colors, but I love it and it would match my bedroom so I think I need one too! LOL Thanks for sharing!


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