One of my favorite Christmas phrases - JOY. It's the true definition of Christmas - pure and complete JOY. Joy to watch your children's faces Christmas morning. Joy to spend time together opening gifts, eating lots of food and listening to Christmas music. Joy watching your favorite Christmas movies together. Joy knowing that the real meaning of Christmas is Jesus Christ and celebrating his birth. What a blessing JOY can be.

Jill found this really cool font and downloaded it and then made some JOY vinyl letters for me. I painted some blocks red, Santa Red - Americana brand.

Added my vinyl letters and tied a little white sheer ribbon around the whole block. See how wonderful they turned out. Pure JOY!!

Okay, I think that's my last Christmas project to show you for now, but I'm sure they'll be more later - of course.

Handmade Holiday at Just a Girl


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  1. I like Joy things to for the obvious reason -- actually it was my sister her started me on it! These are really cute...

  2. I love this idea, where did you find the vinyl letter's??

  3. Jill, Love this idea! What did you use to attach the vinyl letters onto the blocks?

  4. These are awesome.. I just happened upon your blog... do you know the name of the font used for the JOY?


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