A Shady Update

Many, many moons ago we bought some lamps for our living room since it has no built in lighting. It was a set of three lamps, two table top ones and one floor lamp. So these are about 9 years old now and I haven't updated them at all. One of the shades suffered a minor incident when it was knocked over and cracked the plastic inside liner of the shade. Here is what they look like today.

The third lamp is up in my bedroom. One reason we bought these lamps is because of the 3-way lighting option, which we love. So I've been wanting to update the shades for some time now. I finally found some inexpensive shades at Ross for $8.00 a piece and added those.

So I think they'll work for now. They are a neutral tan color that go with everything. But mostly I like the square shape to them.

So it's not a major change to this room, but a little one.

And I'm liking it. I'm wondering if my hubby will even notice - I'm thinking it may take a few days.

There's nothing like a little change for a whole new look.

Happy Wednesday!


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