Cloth Napkins To The Rescue

Since my end tables and toy cupboards get a lot of use, I try to give them a little extra protection with a little covering to help protect the wood. It's like a mini table runner but much simpler. I use cloth napkins. These particular ones I found at Kohl's on sale for $.99 each.

I use that as the base and then add my decor on top. My end tables and toy cupboards have been saved from many possible dings because of these napkins.

I have several different colors I use throughout the year depending on the season and I think they work great. I've always wanted to make some runners but it seems like that project always gets bumped from my list. So for now we make due with the cloth napkins.

So do you use anything to protect your side tables, or do you just go with the bare wood?


  1. I should use something to protect my wood table tops, but I don't. Those color of those napkins is so pretty!

  2. Love the color of the napkins and it makes a beautiful table cover. Thanks for sharing and inspiring all of us.

    Enjoy your day,


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