Dollar Tree Felt Balls Instead of Candles

A while back I showed you my first Craig's list find here. I loved my candlesticks, but I wasn't overly excited about the actual candles. So I decided to make this.

I have seen these on several blogs, but I found a tutorial here and here. So I bought my supplies at Dollar Tree - a package of red felt and a two pack of styrofoam balls.

I cut out a bunch of circles - I got 3 circles out of one piece of felt, just to give you a idea of the size. Then followed the tutorial and made my felt balls. I used one whole package of felt per ball.

I think they look perfect for Valentine's.


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  1. Those are festive! I love the bright red color! I might have to make a couple of these to put on my mantel!

  2. These are so cute. What a great idea and looks easy enough for someone like me to do!

  3. Those are adorable! Love them!

  4. Absolutely LOVE it! That would be an awesome post for a swap!!

  5. These are really cute! They sell FELT at the Dollar Tree??? I has no idea! LOL. Need to get my booty there!!

  6. Super cute!! might have to give those a try. Thanks for stopping by my blog. : )

  7. Thanks for linking up @ Time to Shine over at I featured you today!!!


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