Rectangular Planter

Today while I was shopping at Michael's I saw they had their greenery on sale 50% off. Sweet!! I need to add bit more "life" to my decor - fake life that is. It's cheaper than a real plant and plus I won't ever kill it. I found these two square sheets of greenery that were $2.50 each.

See here is a picture of the back side.

A couple months ago I found the cutest 12 inch metal rectangular planter at Tai Pan.

And the best thing about it was the price - $3.97 can't beat that especially for the size. I guess it was priced wrong because when they scanned it, it rang up for $6.97 but since it was clearly marked - they gave it to me for $3.97 - even better.

So I stuffed my two sheets of greenery in my new planter. And look how pretty it is now. Even though you can totally tell it's a fake plant, I love it!

For now, it's sitting on our entertainment center to help bring some color and "life" to our family room.

So what do you think - do you like the fake stuff or do you think it's a big decorating no-no???

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  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE the fake stuff and it actually looks real. A HUGE YES to decorating is greenery. I LOVE IT! Now to find me a Michaels in Virginia. :) Oh, and I am coming to the card exchange. I am excited to see everyone.

  2. I like both - especially if the real stuff stays alive. I only have the real stuff (it's a miracle!)

  3. love both! i started with fake..and since i kept those "alove" i have a few real ones now too... lol. i'm your newest follower..fel free to join mine! :)

  4. I used to be a fake girl. Then I went all real. Then I started killing innocent plants. So, now I'm a fake girl again. ;)

    But I HAVE to have plants...they just add so much life to a space!!

    Yours looks great! :)


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