Bring Spring Inside

I know it's spring when my forsythia bushes in the front yard begin to bloom. I just love their bright color. Here's a photo of my oldest in 2007 in front of those beautiful bushes.

Well since I've been waiting almost a year since they last bloomed, I thought I might hurry the process a little. I cut a few branches and brought them inside.

I put them in the bath tub with some warm water and let them sit for the afternoon.

Then I put them in a vase.

Waited exactly one week. And now I have SPRING inside.

I just love those bright yellow blossoms. Check out my guest post here if you're interested in how I made those St. Patrick's Day stackers.


  1. What a neat idea Kathy. I'll have to go and cut me some forsythia branches in my yard and bring them inside. Thanks for sharing.

    Enjoy your day,

  2. Forsythia are my favorite first sign of spring! You have reminded me that I need to plant one this year!


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