Clean Kitchen Cupboards - Check

This past December we celebrated 10 years in our home!! Wow I can't believe it's been that long already. It's amazing what kind of stuff you can collect in 10 years.

I figured it was time each cupboard in our kitchen needed a good cleaning and a little decluttering. I don't have before pictures of all the cupboards because I worked on a cupboard or two each day until the process was finished.

When we moved in, the shelf in this first cupboard was in the middle - and there it stayed for 10 years. Even though this cupboard housed all my baking sheets, I would just lay them flat. Let me just say it was a pain trying to get out cookie sheets and jelly roll pans stacked on top of each other.

Finally I figured out that if I raised the shelf just one slot, I could stand the pans on their side - why didn't I think of this like 10 years ago. This system has been a million times better and it makes getting a baking sheet out so much easier.

The lazy susan seems to be a catch all for anything a little over sized. So needless to say this looks 100 times better.

Here is a before of the cupboard where we keep our cups and mugs.

I put away the holiday cups (except the one mug), moved the shelf up and put the mugs on top, since we don't use them that often.

I keep all my glassware in this cupboard along with my Scentsy stuff, coupons, Sharpies, and other odds and ends. You can see my $2.00 candy dishes on the bottom shelf.

The other cupboard I finally got around to organizing was my spice cupboard. It was getting pretty scary to open. But now I can actually find my spices. I keep cookie cutters and decorating sprinkles, muffin liners, jello mixes, and kool-aid in this cupboard too.

I cleaned out a couple other cupboards but they weren't quite as bad. It's so nice to have a fresh start again. And since I worked on my pantry not too long ago, I feel like I finally have things in order again.

So how often do you go through your kitchen cupboards? Do you accumulate a lot of kitchen "stuff?"


  1. W have moved 9 times in 9 years, so I haven't ever really needed to go through the cupboards. I've been in this house 1 year now and its about time to wipe out the cupboards. I go through my pantry about once a month.

  2. I love having clean cupboards, great job! Our cabinets are so tall I can't even reach the top shelf on most of them. I recruit my husband time to time to reorganize them with me, and that helps a lot! Thanks for stopping by and commenting I appreciate it! I'm your newest follower.


  3. Cleaning modular kitchen is a task as the damp sometimes that is created due to the closed cupboards gets pests and insects into them.Thanks for the guidance.


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