A New Fence

When we moved into our house a little over 10 years ago, we had a wood fence in our back yard that we shared with the neighbors behind us. Here is a picture from just a couple years ago.

Well this winter we had a few too many wind storms and the wood posts were starting to rot out so a couple panels fell over. You can see the huge opening to the neighbor's back yard.

As soon as the weather warmed up a little, the whole thing came down.

Even though it was kind of nice to have a "bigger" back yard, a new fence needed to be installed. The rest of our yard is chain link with slats so we decided have the same kind of fence put in.

We definitely wanted to add a mow strip under the fence as well, even though there was quite a bit more cost involved, it makes it so much better to trim and mow. Plus it just looks nicer. So they first started with a narrow trench.

Then the poles were set.

The cement was poured and set for a few days and then the rest of the fence was installed.

Doesn't it look beautiful. My husband spent several hours putting in all the slats. We are loving our new fence.


  1. It looks really nice Kathy.

    Enjoy your day,

  2. I like your new fence! It was all set up by your husband? What an effort! Good job!


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