Stick Pumpkin

I mentioned I have slowly been pulling out some fall decor.

Well, I found this pumpkin in my stash that I picked up on clearance at the end of last year. I know you can make a stick pumpkin, and I even saw a few tutorials last year of people making their own. 

But I took the easy way out and just bought one on clearance, super cheap too.

I love Kohl's and their great clearance deals.  I think I even used a 15% off coupon and got even more off that price.  Anyway, I loved the texture and thought it would look great up on my kitchen cupboards.

Here is the other side of my cupboards for now.

I put up my homemade framed art again since it was just perfect for fall.

 I also filled my apothecary jar with my Dollar Tree Rattan balls that I painted.

Fall is in the air - can you smell it yet?


  1. O'Kathy, the vignettes you have created above your cupboards are beautiful! You are ready for fall.

    Enjoy your evening,


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