Christmas Decor - Family Room

Okay, well I've been on a break for the last week. Mostly because my schedule has been jam packed, but also because of this little guy.

He thought it would be fun to jump off the foot stool. Well it certainly was fun the first few times, until he landed wrong and got hurt. I ended up taking him to the Dr. to get x-rays and then have a splint put on. Poor little guy. Amazingly, he gets around pretty good crawling and dragging the hurt leg behind him. So he's been a little more needy the last few days and I haven't been able to post anything.

So let me continue where I left off. I was going to show you my family room where we spend our time playing toys and watching movies together.

We have two toy cupboards where we can keep the toys locked away.

Don't you just love that charger?

You can order the vinyl for this from Jill over at and add it to any plate or charger.

Here is our mantel with our stockings to go along with our whole Snowman theme this year.

I put our village above our entertainment center this year and added some snow and white lights - it looks so pretty at night.

And of course you already saw my fun subway art I printed off and framed.

But most of the time our family room looks like this. At least my son and his little friend are having fun.

We finally got our first big snowfall for December this morning. Only 10 more days until Christmas. Holy cow - I gotta get busy.


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