Guest Post - A Diamond in the Stuff

Well another wet and rainy day here. One of these days the sun will shine again - I know it will. Until then, hop on over to A Diamond in the Stuff and see what I created with this stuff.

Courtney has loads of great ideas on her blog.  She is also the queen of thrifting.  Go check it out - A Diamond in the Stuff.

Off to get my rain coat and galoshes.


  1. CUTE! CUTE!
    I think I have some wood laying around in the garage and I think I might just have to make me one. Thanks for the post and the link. I always find myself blog hopping from your posts :D

  2. I tried posting over there with no luck, so hopefully it works for me here. NEAT NEAT idea! Thanks so much for the inspiration! I want to go make one for my front porch!


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