Toy Clearance and a Winner

I went to Target yesterday and while I was there getting OTHER things, we stumbled into the toy section - 2 year olds can't resist ya know. So as we were browsing I came across a couple end caps 75% off. Wow 75% off, lets just see what they have. Oh wow this is a good deal, and so is this and this. Well the cart was full - okay we gotta get out of here.  I came home with this.

These Tonka trucks were $4.98 each.  Sweet.  They drive and make noise and come with accessories.  I bought all they had.

These Iron man guys were only $2.98 each.  My little guy loves to play with guys. 

We also love Geo Trax so who could pass up a Cars track $4.98 and another car $2.98.

I also found these cool packs - one police one fireman $7.48 each.

A lonely Car $1.24, a shake and go Joker car $2.98 and two transformers $2.98 each.

Okay, so if any I have relatives reading this and one of your kids receive one of these items as a gift, you'll know how cheap I got it for.  But they'll still love it just the same.

So anyway I walked away with $221 worth of stuff for only $55.

Now on to the winner of the $10 gift card from Target and a cute covered box.

According to is . . . 

#4 Carolina Cats who said:

Adorable! You could even leave the match striking part uncovered and make the coverings match your kitchen.

I'll be sending you an email.


  1. Your making me want to make a Target run! Too bad its an hour away! :-( Sweet finds!


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