Match Box

I mentioned last week I host a card exchange at my house every other month.  I showed you my ice cream cone embossed card I made here that I will be exchanging that night.  Well I also like to do a little make n' take for the girls - something they came make and take home with them that evening - cheap and not very time consuming. 

I was at Dollar Tree on Friday and picked up some matches - 2 pack.

I found a similar idea here to cover match boxes, but I went for the larger size.  So I started out with these supplies.

I covered the box with some pattern paper using a little double sided tape.

I added a contrasting color - I went with a green.

I attached one more strip of white paper but added some black dashes with a pen.

For the sides I cut a small piece of paper and attached it with a little double sided tape.

Add a little tulle bow or some ribbon and a flower.  I used two paper flowers and attached them together with a brad.

For the tag, I used a punch.  But you could also make a tag.

I stamped To:  From: on this one, but you could use Happy Birthday, Thank You or Thinking of You, etc. if you were using this for a specific occasion.

Punch a small hole in the tag and slide it on the tulle.

I ended up making two.

I'm keeping one, but does anyone want the other?  Leave me a comment and on Friday, May 20, I'll pick a winner - and who knows what I'll put inside.


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  1. Those are super cute! What a great idea!

  2. Adorable! You could even leave the match striking part uncovered and make the coverings match your kitchen.

  3. Super cute! Thanks for linking back to me!


  4. I am so in love! The colors, the are so creative! If only I have a quarter of your talent....

  5. Those are adorable!! I would love a chance to win. :)

  6. so cute, you did a great job this is adorable :)
    silverroses2 at hotmail dot com

  7. So cute! Thanks for sharing! I'll have to do this! :-D


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