Master Bedroom - Day 2 Furniture

No bedroom would be complete without some furniture of course. Shortly after we were married, we decided to buy a bedroom set. We saw this set in a furniture store in the Cache Valley mall in Logan, Utah of all places and fell in love with it.  Even after 11 years I still love this furniture.

The large dresser was a great piece that would provide lots of storage.  I loved the added jewelry drawers on the top that are lined with velvet.  The middle door is actually a little cupboard. 

There is a large mirror above the dresser with this decorative top.  I just love the detail.

We also ordered the chest of drawers for added storage.  This dresser also has a secret compartment.  The top lifts up and is lined with velvet and has a mirror on the inside.  We usually have things sitting on top of our dresser so it's not really ideal to store jewelry.

Two end tables were a must as well.  I love that the top drawer of the end table is also lined with velvet.

The headboard has the identical design as the mirror.  There is a footboard as well, but I didn't get a picture of it.

But the thing we loved most about this set was the four poster bed.  The columns were chunky which I loved so much more than the long skinny ones.

Isn't the detail just amazing? This furniture is about 11 years old and has held up so well.  It was well worth the money we spent on it.


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  2. Yes, German i am also agreed with you the above furniture is just awesome.

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