Red, White and Blue Mantel

I've been cleaning my blinds today - you know how much dust can collect on those 2 inch blinds - that's right about 2 inches.  I won't bother to show you a picture of the pile of cloths I used or show you how black they were - but you get the idea.  I'm sure no one will even notice that I cleaned them.

I think blinds are one of those things that people don't really notice when they're clean - but man if they're covered with an inch or two of dust you know they're thinking - man that girl needs to clean those blinds.  Especially when the sunlight hits them perfectly and you can see all the dust.

Well anyway, enough about the dust on my blinds - they're clean now and they won't be cleaned again for about another 6 months or longer.  I also busted out my cool window cleaner tool and cleaned the windows that has the screen on them - you know the side I'm talking about.  It's the side I dread the most since I either have to take out the screen or take out the window.  Now those are done too and I can see outside again.  Hallelujah!!!

So now on to the mantel.  I've shown you bits and pieces of it.  Like the big ol' flag, my pinwheel garland and the greenery.   But let me show you the cute printable I found here and my Uncle Sam that I bought many years ago.

On the other side is a rustic angel and two star lanterns that just need some votives still.  Now we're all decked out and ready for the 4th of July.

Happy Red, White and Blue!!


  1. It looks great! Love it! Wanna come clean my blinds and windows?? Please!!!

  2. Love everything about it!! Great job!! The baskets are genius!! :)))

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Don't know if I told you this before but I LOVE those pinwheels! Adorable! Your whole mantel looks great!

  4. Overall Pictures are looking awesome. Mostly I love those baskets. They are pretty!! Thanks for sharing.


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