A Little Window Cleaning

We had a great Memorial Day weekend.  We got to enjoy a little pool time.

Some jumping.

A little fire, playing games, hanging with my brother.

And a little hiking.

They boys had a great time exploring the rocks too.

Now we're home and back to work again.  Luckily, we missed all the rain storms while we were gone.  But with all these spring storms, you can imagine how the windows look - filthy.  Especially when we get a little wind and dirt with those storms.

Can you see all those spots?  Last year while I was at the Home and Garden Show, I picked up one of these little nifty gadgets.

It came with two - this is the smaller one and it also came with a extension handle for those hard to reach windows.  Just get some soapy water - no need to use window cleaner.

Dip it in the water and scrub down the window with the microfiber cloth and then squeegee away.

The cloth wets the window and the squeegee dries it as you go.  Super fast and super easy.  And all it leaves behind are perfectly clean windows.

Now you just have to watch out for the birds - they'll fly right into those clean windows if they're not careful.  I did 4 windows in about 10 min.  When you're finished, remove the cloth and either throw it in the washer or rinse out and let dry.

I love being able to see out my windows again.  Too bad more rain is in the forecast.


  1. That product looks amazing! I love all my new windows in this house but hate trying to wash them all!

  2. I so need one of those - especially because I have high windows. I need to wash mine too.
    Thanks for sharing :D

  3. window cleaning services plays an important role while an individual need to clean the windows at the heights as they have their special equipments to deal with the situations.


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