Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Little Window Cleaning

We had a great Memorial Day weekend.  We got to enjoy a little pool time.

Some jumping.

A little fire, playing games, hanging with my brother.

And a little hiking.

They boys had a great time exploring the rocks too.

Now we're home and back to work again.  Luckily, we missed all the rain storms while we were gone.  But with all these spring storms, you can imagine how the windows look - filthy.  Especially when we get a little wind and dirt with those storms.

Can you see all those spots?  Last year while I was at the Home and Garden Show, I picked up one of these little nifty gadgets.

It came with two - this is the smaller one and it also came with a extension handle for those hard to reach windows.  Just get some soapy water - no need to use window cleaner.

Dip it in the water and scrub down the window with the microfiber cloth and then squeegee away.

The cloth wets the window and the squeegee dries it as you go.  Super fast and super easy.  And all it leaves behind are perfectly clean windows.

Now you just have to watch out for the birds - they'll fly right into those clean windows if they're not careful.  I did 4 windows in about 10 min.  When you're finished, remove the cloth and either throw it in the washer or rinse out and let dry.

I love being able to see out my windows again.  Too bad more rain is in the forecast.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Cousin Wall

I have four brothers (yep that's right - only girl) and we each live in a different state.  My husband has two siblings that live out of state as well.  We try to get together as often as we can, but that evens out to about once a year for my family and usually every couple of months for my husband's family.  When we do get together, my boys just love playing with their cousins and spending time together.  I created my family wall so they would remember their aunts, uncles and grandparents. 

But I also wanted to create a cousin wall.  We would frequently receive wallet size photos of the kids, but I didn't have a great place to display them, so this is why I put together those magnet boards.  I also wanted some vinyl to tie it all together.  I found a cute saying and had Jill over at Utah Vinyl cut it for me.

She's so good about getting just want I need - thanks Jill.  I put it on my wall and just love how it turned out.

Then I used those cute magnets and hung up pictures of all my nieces and nephews (I'm still missing a few photos though.)  There are 23 all together.

Now my boys can always see their cousins no matter how far away they live.  We're so looking forward to seeing many of them this summer.

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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Glass Magnets

Yesterday, I showed you my super cute magnet boards that I made out of some thrift store picture frames here.

Well now I needed some super cute magnets to go on them.  I've seen the clear glass magnets all over the place, so I finally wanted to make some of my own.  Here is what I started with.

I cut out a bunch of circles - I didn't have a punch small enough, but that would have been ideal.

And they sure aren't perfect circles either - but no worries you can't even tell in the end.  Add some Mod Podge to your glass stone.

Add your paper.

Add a little more Mod Podge.

And then your magnet.

Then just make a ton of them since they're so stinking easy.

Let them dry for a couple hours and then they're ready to display.

I made some yellow and blue and some gray and white.

Hard to get a good pic with the reflection of the glass.  But you get the idea.  Some of the glass stones have bubbles in the stone not from the Mod Podge, but they still look adorable.

Now I have some cute magnets for my cute framed magnet board.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Framed Magnet Boards

I finally decided what to do with a couple frames I picked up at the thrift store for $3.00 each.  They are good size frames too - 14x18.

So did you see all that dust?  Yep, that's how I bought them, not from sitting in my garage.  After I gave them a good wipe down, I spray painted them with a coat of Rust-oleum's Heirloom White.

That big shadow is the basketball pole.  Then I spray painted them with a couple coats of Rust-oleum Expresso.

They were looking much better now.

Then I very lightly sanded the decorative part on the frame so the white would show through.

I went to Home Depot to find some metal and came across this piece in the plumbing section for about $6.50.

I cut off the lip on the end and then cut it in half.  It was the exact size I needed.  I also had some material that I picked up from Joann's.

I just used a little hot glue to attach the fabric to the metal.

Then I put it in the frame.

Aren't they just lovely?  I was so excited with how they turned out.


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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Picnic Table

Where has the day gone?  It's late, and I'm barely turning on my computer.  I was busy busting a move getting my basement in tip top shape - well as good as it's going to get anyway.  I did a little organizing and worked practically all day on that project.  I didn't really get rid of that much, but just organized it better so I can get to some things easier.  So nice to accomplish something.

On a totally different subject - have you noticed how pricey outdoor furniture is????  I have such a hard time spending hundreds of dollars on patio furniture that will just sit outside all summer long on our uncovered deck.  We like to go outside though and enjoy the cool summer nights or eat lunch outside on occasion, but we do need something to sit on.  So after searching high and low for something that would work, we finally decided to purchase a picnic table. 

We found this one at Costco - lifetime brand.  We thought this would be perfect.  I love that it folds up and can be stored indoors for the winter too.  It also has a hole in the center for an umbrella. 

I found a 9 ft. umbrella at Smith's Market Place for only $34.99, which I thought was a great deal.  It will provide the shade we need, plus it's easy to use and stores nicely too.

My next project is to stain the deck, as soon as the weather cooperates and I get a few days of sunshine.

We are definitely looking forward to spending time out in the back yard this summer.