All A Bloom

We had a busy but very productive weekend working out in the yard. I just had to capture some of the flowers that are all a bloom now. They're just so beautiful.  These yellow and red tulips are huge.  They are about 20 inches tall and the flower part is the just massive.  I also loved these purple ones getting ready to bloom.

The sun was shinning and these flowers were loving it.  There were all open just catching those rays.

My hubby got the yard mowed and trimmed.  It looked so nice. 

I just love this tree in full bloom.

Even though it's technically not in our yard, it's still close enough we get to enjoy it.  My little maple tree is coming along nicely too.  I got this tree for Mother's Day two years ago.

My peas are up and I got my tomato plants in this weekend.  I still have more things to get planted, but I just ran out of time and steam.

I also have some beautiful yellow tulips in my garden.  They have been there ever since we moved in 10 years ago.  I even dug them all up a couple of times, but each spring they always come up again - obviously I keep missing a few.

I worked on this flower bed on Saturday - it was a disaster.  I also got a few flowers planted.  Just need to add some more mulch now.

I was able to winter over my spike plant.  It's getting so big now.  I just put the pot in our garage and watered it on occasion.  Looks great now.  I added a few flowers to the pot as well.

I love our front yard too.  The hyacinths are pretty much done, but the tulips are going strong.  The best thing is I didn't plant a single one.  Previous owners did all the work for us, and for the last 10 years we've been enjoying those beautiful flowers each spring.

I just love spring.  It seems to rejuvenate my motivation to work hard, my energy to play and my spirit to be grateful for my countless blessings.  That extra shot of vitamin D must help too.

So what did you do this weekend? 


  1. Your yard looks beautiful...don't you just love spring! I love your trees in bloom!
    have a great day,


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