Glass Magnets

Yesterday, I showed you my super cute magnet boards that I made out of some thrift store picture frames here.

Well now I needed some super cute magnets to go on them.  I've seen the clear glass magnets all over the place, so I finally wanted to make some of my own.  Here is what I started with.

I cut out a bunch of circles - I didn't have a punch small enough, but that would have been ideal.

And they sure aren't perfect circles either - but no worries you can't even tell in the end.  Add some Mod Podge to your glass stone.

Add your paper.

Add a little more Mod Podge.

And then your magnet.

Then just make a ton of them since they're so stinking easy.

Let them dry for a couple hours and then they're ready to display.

I made some yellow and blue and some gray and white.

Hard to get a good pic with the reflection of the glass.  But you get the idea.  Some of the glass stones have bubbles in the stone not from the Mod Podge, but they still look adorable.

Now I have some cute magnets for my cute framed magnet board.


  1. Very cute! My sister in law makes magnets using scrabble tiles and pretty paper. It is so fun to make something that goes so quickly, and turns out so nice!

  2. How cute! Thanks for sharing the "how to". I love an easy, inexpensive project and this fits the bill! These boards and magnets would make nice little gifts.

  3. I have made a TON of magnets; so super easy! They're so overpriced on Etsy and elsewhere. I find those melted marble glass pieces at the dollar store in a variety of shapes and colors and sizes. Anyway very cool! Perfect gifts!


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