Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Garage Organization

On our moving day, we lined one side of the garage with shelves and filled them with lots of bins as we took them off the truck.  The bins are filled with all my holiday decorations, the kids' outdoor toys, basketballs, sand toys, gardening tools and other odds and ends.

We added one other shelf in the corner with water bottles, coolers and water jugs.  The two big drums are filled with water for storage.  The brown shelving was left by the previous owners, so we use that as our shoe rack.  It also houses our tools, paint and supplies, and small containers filled with other odds and ends.

On the wall by the door, I added two pieces of wood and attached hooks for the kids jackets, back packs and umbrellas.

We also store our card tables and chairs in the garage.  (This has since been updated - I'll show you an updated photo of this area soon.)

We were anxious to get the garage in order since we moved in the fall, we wanted to be able to park our cars in the garage during the winter months, I'm really happy with how it turned out.  It's not a big garage, but we made it work and we can park both cars in there which was a must.

I love having everything organized and somewhat easy to find - saves me time - and I always need more of that.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

The First Project . . . Garage

Before we even started moving in, the first project I wanted to tackle was priming the walls in the garage.  The garage at least had been finished off, insulated and sheet rocked, now it just needed a coat of primer.  The brown walls just needed to be lightened.  The shelving was left by the previous owners, which is a great storage feature.

You can see even the ceilings were the same too.  It just needed a coat of paint to help brighten up the space.

 So with some help from my cousin we began to cover the walls with some primer.

I didn't end up adding any paint, just primer and that made a world of difference.  This is a blurry photo - but you get the idea of what a difference it made.

The garage is a dark space to begin with since there are no windows, but priming the walls white helped brighten things up quite a bit. I was so glad it was done just in time for moving day.

Monday, March 20, 2017

We took the Plunge . . . FOR SALE

Towards the end of July last year we decided it was time to start looking for another house.  We had bought our house as newlyweds 16 years ago and decided it was time to find something that better suited our family's needs.  We lived in a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom multi-level house, but after our baby girl came along, we just needed some more bedroom space.  The kitchen and living areas were fine, but with only 3 bedrooms, we had 3 boys in one room and it was tight - really tight.  We were torn though at the thought of leaving our friends and neighbors.  So, at the end of July this happened.

We listed it on a Friday and by Sunday it was under contract.  We were excited and stressed at the same time because we hadn't been able to find a house we wanted to buy.  But, by that Wednesday the deal fell through because the buyers realized their current housing contract wasn't up until November, so they had to back out.  We listed again just a couple days later and by Sunday evening we were under contract again.  After that it was a whirlwind with inspections, looking at houses, packing, etc.  Within a week though we found a house we really liked that had multiple offers.  We offered $6,000 more than the asking price and got the bid and were under contract.  After about a month of working with the lender, doing an inspection, getting a new roof (see photo below), and getting in a 10 day vacation, we finally had a firm date and this happened in mid-September.

We also rented a U-haul this same size (26 ft.) and loaded everything we could, minus furniture.  We weren't sure how much help we could solicit from friends and neighbors, so we hired out the heavy stuff.  It's wasn't the cheapest method of moving, but definitely saved us in the end and was well worth the money.

We were super excited to find a house with all our "wants" too, including enough bedrooms.

And one of the bonuses was that it was on a cul-de-sac and had an amazing back yard.

And of course the kids were super excited to have their own swing set, with enough swings for everyone.

We really love our new house.  We've done a ton in the six months we've been in our place.  So I have lots of fun projects to show you.  I'm currently working on decorating the walls, adding curtains, etc.  So stick around.

Thursday, March 16, 2017


I found four of these 5x7 boxes at Hobby Lobby.  I didn't want them for the saying, but for the box.

It's a hollow, three dimensional box.  I'm sure you've seen them around with all kinds of sayings on them.  They can be pretty pricey too.

Anyway, I sprayed them with a couple coats of primer and a couple coats of white spray paint.

I had some vinyl cut from Utah Vinyl in a hunter green color.

I sanded the edges just a bit as well.

Added the vinyl and they were done!

Super simple project and just in time for St. Patrick's Day.  I added one of the boxes to my entry table to go with my other green and white decor.  The other boxes will be gifts for a couple friends.

I love how it turned out and it's just perfect for the entry table.

Now we're ready for St. Patrick's day!!

What about you - do you like to decorate for St. Patrick's day?

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Before and After Bathroom

Over all I'm super happy with all the changes.  So here's another BEFORE:

And now the AFTER:

Having the hooks for the boys to hang their towels has been so much better than the towel rod we had before.  They actually hang up their towels now and they don't look like they were just randomly tossed on the towel rod either.  Much more kid friendly.

I found these matching frames on clearance at Michael's.  The pictures are 10x13 and were taken at J.C. Penney's.  I love how they turned out.  It's fun to see the bathtub photos.

Here's another shot of the framed mirror and sink area.  One thing I didn't get done was refinishing the honey oak cabinet.  

So great to get projects done!

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Framing out the Mirror

Another project that was a first for me was the bathroom mirror.  It was your typical builder grade mirror and I wanted to give it a more finished look.

 I bought some trim, had my neighbor do the angle cuts and painted it white.

Then I hot glued the ends together and made a frame - very professional I know.

Then once it was dry, I attached it with velcro command strips to the mirror.

I really love how it turned out and looks "finished" now.

Monday, March 13, 2017

A Clock

I wanted to add a clock to the boys' bathroom.  I found this cool looking one at Walmart of all places.  It was about $25.00.  It was the perfect size, color and I loved that it looked like a pocket watch.

I ended up hanging it right above the new towel rod.  That way it was easy to see while in the tub or getting ready in front of the mirror.

I love it!  I can tell the boys, "when the big hand gets to the ___, it's time to get out of the tub."  That has worked pretty good too.  Plus it's always good to know if you're running late or not.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Monogram Art

The wall above the towel rod was a little blank since I took down the vinyl.  Before:

So I found an "H" somewhere along the way and painted it navy, added a piece of turquoise scrapbook paper and then added another empty frame around it to make it look a little more chunky.

I also added a switch plate cover.

I found a new fixture at Lowes and had that installed.  A new towel holder was also in order.  After:

Friday, March 10, 2017

A New Shower Curtain and Paint Color

So another long pause in the blog.  I'll update you down the road with all our changes and projects, but for now, let's finish the bathroom project.

In order to update the bathroom I needed to find a shower curtain.  I wanted to find one with some blue tones, but it also needed to be neutral - for boys and girls.  I needed to find just the right one before choosing my paint color too.  That way I could match the shade of paint perfectly with my shower curtain.  I finally found one that I liked that wasn't too girly at Target.  Bad pic but here it is.

Then I headed to Home Depot to get some paint that was paint and primer all in one.  I picked one of the rain drops and matched the color.

It worked like a charm, and I only needed one coat.