Friday, July 26, 2019

The Blue Room

When we moved into our house over two years ago, there was a bedroom in the basement that had one wall painted this pretty turquoise blue color.  

So instead of changing it up, I went with it and found decor and bedding to match. (Love the custom closets too.) 

Close up of the night stand decor.

The dresser and night stand I picked up from a classified listing.  They are nice for extra storage.

The pictures on the wall are just a white canvas with scrapbook paper.  The center picture is a metal piece that is framed that I found at Kohl's.

I found the cute gray and white wooden box at Hobby Lobby.  I added the feet and a knob for a handle.  The gray 3-drawer box is also from hobby Lobby.  I love the added detail of the frames on each drawer.

We use this as a spare bedroom, so it doesn't get used all the time, but it's all set when we have company come stay.

So that's our "blue" room.

Thursday, July 25, 2019

Adding a Little Trim

I was going through some old posts and noticed I am way behind and need to share more projects and pictures.   I wanted to share a recent update I did in the family room. 

I have these two large windows in my family room that I really didn't want to add curtains to, but they needed something more.  They just looked so plain.

So on a whim one day, I went to Home Depot and had some primed MDF cut to the exact measurements I needed.  I used my brad nailer and put them up.

I filled in the nail holes, caulked any gaps, sanded and then gave it a couple coats of white semi-gloss paint.  I just love the extra detail it adds to that wall now.

Now I have a couple more windows I would love to do. 

Thursday, February 22, 2018

The Kitchen Dinning Area

One project that I finally got around to working on was the dinning area.  I love the bay window in the dinning area which adds a few more feet to the kitchen and sure is nice to have that extra space to walk around the table. (picture from listing)

As you can see, the back wall is a dark chocolate color.  I liked it, but it was just a little too dark for the room, so I wanted to change it up a bit.  Also another thing that I didn't love were the aluminum mini blinds - the whole house has them, which will slowly get changed out.  So first came down the valances.

Then out came the blinds.

I removed the outlet covers, etc. and gave it two coats of paint - the same color as the rest of the kitchen.  I also added new caulk around the windows, which helped cover some of the remaining chocolate paint around the windows.

Just changing up the paint color brightened the room so much.  Then we added some white 2-inch blinds that I found on - Better Homes and Garden brand.  There were very inexpensive compared to the other home improvement stores and they are great quality.

Adding the new blinds and changing the paint color really brightens the dinning area now and I love it!

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Kids' Bathroom - Updated

Here are a couple pictures of the "Before" of the kids' bathroom.  These are from the listing.

 The vanity really needed some love. It looked pretty worn and the sink was so shallow.  So while the plumber was at our house replacing all the toilets, we had him remove the counter and sink.

 I decided to use my gel stain and give the vanity a fresh new look.

 Here you can see the before and after of the cupboard doors.

 Once the doors were done, I stained the base as well.

We had the granite installed a couple weeks later.

Had a new faucet installed.

The wall behind the door had some towel hooks on it, which I removed.

I painted the bottom portion white and added board and batten and some hooks for the towels.  I painted the top part a blue color as well as the rest of the bathroom.

I also had some towels made with the kids' names.

I hung the kids' bathtub photos about their towel hooks too.

I added hardware to the drawers and put up some new towel rods and toilet paper holder too.

I found this cute bath sign at Kohls.

I love how it turned out!  I would still really like to frame out the mirror, but because of the placement of the faucet, there may not be enough room, it's pretty tight to the mirror.  So glad to have it all done.


  photo handmade hangout- small logo AGI 3_zpscbsuugus.jpg