Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Shelf Makeover

Okay, well I've slowing been phasing out my apples and moving to more generic decor. I had this cute little 3 shelf stacker I use in my kitchen for phone books, onions, garlic, potatoes, and other odds and ends. I ordered it many years ago from ABC Distributing. It's been a great little shelf.

The front doors open downward. They are covered with some chicken wire and a ceramic apple. So that's what I started with.

First I took off the front doors, which turned into more of a project than I realized because some of the screws were stripped. Once I got the doors off. I gave the whole thing about 3 coats of Krylon black satin spray paint.

I took the chicken wire and apple off the front of the doors and gave them a few coats of black spray paint as well.

To make new inserts for the doors was the biggest project. I had some foam board that I used for the backing.

Then I got some scrapbook paper, some clear sheets to use to protect the paper (I don't know the exact term for them, but they are used on an overhead projector). I used gorilla glue to adhere it to the inside of each door. I also had some decorative pieces I got at Hobby Lobby to add to the front, which I spray painted black as well.

I let those dry for a few hours and then I put the doors back on. This is how it turned out. I am so pleased with the outcome.

Here is a photo sitting pretty in our kitchen with our charging station on top.

I'm so glad to finally have this project done. The last project I have been putting off is sewing new cushions for my kitchen chairs. We'll see how long it takes me to get to those.

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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Peas Galore!!

Today I finally got around to picking the peas in our garden and this is what I got.

Now to shell them all. Happy Tuesday!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Polka Dots - Dollar Store Find

I just love polka dots these days. About a month ago I went to the dollar store and they had a pretty good selection of polka dot plates of all different colors. I snagged up a black and white one, dinner plate size. I went back this week and grabbed one of the last of the smaller ones. I just love how they add to my decor. So cute. I'm just loving it.

Thrift Store Find - Mail Caddy

Me and the boys went shopping at the thrift store the other day, they had fun playing with all the toys, while I searched for some projects that needed a face lift. I found this little mail caddy/paper holder I thought would be great to use at work for $1.50. Look how beautiful it is.

From the picture you would never know it's only plastic. I thought it was wood when I saw it. But when I picked it up I knew it wasn't. I really liked all the detail on it. So of course I gave it a good wash down and a coat of black spray paint. I also added a few gingham bows. (sorry the sun has gone down for the night and I can't seem to get a "great" photo. So this will have to do.)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Perfect Weather

Today the weather was perfect. 70, blue skies and not windy one bit. Oh how I wish these days would last. Just look at this blue sky, looks like a blank monitor screen or something, but nope it's a picture of that beautiful Utah sky.

See here is another picture, I'm not kidding. Blue Sky!!!

Fence Post Candlesticks for Cheap

So I went to Home Depot and bought a fence post, which I had them cut up for me and then I bought the end caps to go on the top and bottom of the post.

I first used some wood glue to attach the end caps to the top and bottom of the post. Then I gave them a couple coats of brown spray paint.

I sanded the edges a little for a bit of a distressed look but it's not too noticeable. I found some candles at Michael's today on clearance that were a bit wider than the standard pillar candles. I added a little vinyl and there you go.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Dollar Store Finds

I found some great stuff at the dollar store the other day. I forgot to take a before picture. I found a couple picture frames and an unfished wooden laugh sign. I gave them a coat of black spray paint.

I put the laugh sign next to a smiling photo of my son.

Don't ya just love the dollar store for some great finds. I love how they have seasonal stuff too for cheap.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tile Project

I bought some white bathroom tiles (6x6) at Home Depot last month for $.44 each. They have been sitting in my garage, until today. I took some pictures of my two boys this morning and then had them developed (5x7) at Costco in black and white. I also used some mod podge and black card stock for this project. (Sorry the lighting is bad, the sun has gone down for the night.)

I cut the pictures down to 5x5 and the black cardstock to 5.5 x 5.5. I put a coat of mod podge directly on the tile then added the black cardstock on top.

Then on top of the black cardstock I added another coat of mod podge and put the pictures on.

I let the pictures dry for about 10 minutes and then I added a top coat of mod podge and covered the entire photo and tile.

Then I let them sit for a half hour or so and while the mod podge dried completely. Now I have a set of four cute tiles. I just need to get some little easels to display them. But I love how they turned out. Makes a great father's day gift as well. Here they are sitting pretty.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Tick Tock . . .

Well I found this cute little dusty clock at the thrift store for only $4.00. It was missing the pendulum but I thought I could find some other remedy for that. I wasn't sure if it would work or not, but that didn't matter either. I thought it would make for some cute decor on top of my kitchen cabinets.

I gave it a good dusting and spray painted it black. I decided to fill in the empty space with some scrapbook paper for now. Isn't just darling? And I put some batteries in it and the thing even worked. It does have a really loud chime as well, but I left those batteries out.

I found this clock a nice little home on top of my cupboards. Isn't it pretty? I may change out the scrapbook paper, but for now it will do.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Family - gotta love 'em

I found these two wood frames at the thrift store for $2.00 each and decided they could use a little makeover. One had glass and the other didn't, but that didn't matter. The frames were still good.

I gave them a couple coats of good ole black spray paint and they looked 100 times better already.

I have been trying to decide what to do with the large wall in my kitchen and decided these frames would be perfect. I found a curtain rod and hung that all on the wall first. I must add that I did it all by myself too. I used some other 5x7black picture frames I already had for the other pictures. I used some black and cream wide ribbon and did a faux ribbon hang, meaning the ribbon is just taped to the wall and the picture is hanging from a nail. I was able to hang a picture of all of our siblings and parents. The layout worked out perfectly. Then I got some vinyl from Jill and added that to my wall. Here's the finished project.

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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Serving It Up - Tray Style

I found this nice wood tray at the thrift store for only $2.00, who could resist. I wasn't quite sure where I would put it, but I have been loving all the cute trays all over blogland so I thought it would be fun to add one to my home.

I decided to give it a coat of black spray paint.

Then I found a place to put it in my family room. I'm just loving it.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Gradual Transformation - Family Room

When we were first married we didn't have money for furniture of course and so we were given this floral couch for free - can't beat that. We added a few things of our own, the captain glider chair with foot stool and the entertainment center. But as you can tell from the picture it was nothing fancy. (Child #1 (Jaydon) on the floor playing) After having the couch for a few years we sold it at a garage sale for $20, so we actually made money on that couch but then ended up using camp chairs for our seating. Lovely huh? (That's a baby gate on the fireplace)
Then we finally saved up enough money for some furniture, lamps and new carpet. So I painted like mad one weekend before the new carpet would be installed. I painted an almond color. This room only has a sliding glass door for natural lighting so I wanted to keep the paint light. (Child #2 (Deven) on the floor playing - baby gate still there)

After the carpet was installed, furniture in place (we had enough space for two microfiber couches and two foot stools) and a few pictures on the wall, this was the finished product. I am still wanting to change the photos above the couch. The pictures there seem too small for that big wall. But until I get to that project it will stay like this for now. We love the new carpet (which you can't see hardly at all in this photo) and enjoy having the seating for watching movies and hanging out.

We also added a computer desk and storage to hide the toys (that also locks) that we purchased at Office Depot.

Since these pictures were taken I have added a few other accesories, which I will show you at another time. Happy Wednesday.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Isn't that one of the best things about summer - fresh melon. Of course we enjoyed our first watermelon Memorial Day weekend. It was so delish. I'm craving some right now. I just love that burst of juice and flavor when you bite into it. Seems like I always have juice running down my chin.

Well speaking of watermelon, I found this cute little shelf at the local thrift store and decided it would be perfect for that big space above my kitchen cabinets. It was missing two of the drawers, but I figured I could just turn them into little shelves. Here's the before all covered in dust. Notice the two watermelons on the bottom drawer. I don't know why they were stenciled on upside down though.

I pulled out my black spray paint and gave that little shelf a couple coats to freshen it up. Yes, that's much better. Then I found it a spot up on my kitchen cupboards. Since we're in summer mode, I put up my americana decor just in time for Memorial Day. So to the shelf I added a berry wreath with some stars and a fabric bow. I just love it.

So enjoy some watermelon!