The Gradual Transformation - Family Room

When we were first married we didn't have money for furniture of course and so we were given this floral couch for free - can't beat that. We added a few things of our own, the captain glider chair with foot stool and the entertainment center. But as you can tell from the picture it was nothing fancy. (Child #1 (Jaydon) on the floor playing) After having the couch for a few years we sold it at a garage sale for $20, so we actually made money on that couch but then ended up using camp chairs for our seating. Lovely huh? (That's a baby gate on the fireplace)
Then we finally saved up enough money for some furniture, lamps and new carpet. So I painted like mad one weekend before the new carpet would be installed. I painted an almond color. This room only has a sliding glass door for natural lighting so I wanted to keep the paint light. (Child #2 (Deven) on the floor playing - baby gate still there)

After the carpet was installed, furniture in place (we had enough space for two microfiber couches and two foot stools) and a few pictures on the wall, this was the finished product. I am still wanting to change the photos above the couch. The pictures there seem too small for that big wall. But until I get to that project it will stay like this for now. We love the new carpet (which you can't see hardly at all in this photo) and enjoy having the seating for watching movies and hanging out.

We also added a computer desk and storage to hide the toys (that also locks) that we purchased at Office Depot.

Since these pictures were taken I have added a few other accesories, which I will show you at another time. Happy Wednesday.


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