Master Bedroom - Day 3 Pictures

Hanging pictures and decorating walls can sometimes be my biggest challenge.  I tried to hang up things I love in my bedroom.  And of course on the top of my list is my family.  I found this cute frame at Kohl's and it matched my bedroom colors perfectly.  It's also metal.

This is my oldest when he was 3 months old.  I won this picture from Olan Mills.  The bear was just a prop.  It's a oval canvas and my mom was super nice and ordered a frame for it.

I also hung up a couple wedding pictures of me and my honey to remember our special day.

I also have a picture of the Bountiful LDS Temple, where we were married along with some vinyl I found on clearance at Kohl's.

I hot glued some scrapbook paper to some foam board and added a little ribbon around the edge for a little "art."

My most recent purchase was some art from Kohl's.  These pictures are regularly $79.99.  I got bought two but at different times.  I waited until they were 55% off, used an extra 15% off coupon and used another coupon for $10 off when you spent $20 or more.  So I paid closer to $23 each.  Sweeeeet.  I love them.  They're big too and help cover a lot of wall space.

So what kind of pictures do you like to hang in your bedroom?


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