Picnic Table

Where has the day gone?  It's late, and I'm barely turning on my computer.  I was busy busting a move getting my basement in tip top shape - well as good as it's going to get anyway.  I did a little organizing and worked practically all day on that project.  I didn't really get rid of that much, but just organized it better so I can get to some things easier.  So nice to accomplish something.

On a totally different subject - have you noticed how pricey outdoor furniture is????  I have such a hard time spending hundreds of dollars on patio furniture that will just sit outside all summer long on our uncovered deck.  We like to go outside though and enjoy the cool summer nights or eat lunch outside on occasion, but we do need something to sit on.  So after searching high and low for something that would work, we finally decided to purchase a picnic table. 

We found this one at Costco - lifetime brand.  We thought this would be perfect.  I love that it folds up and can be stored indoors for the winter too.  It also has a hole in the center for an umbrella. 

I found a 9 ft. umbrella at Smith's Market Place for only $34.99, which I thought was a great deal.  It will provide the shade we need, plus it's easy to use and stores nicely too.

My next project is to stain the deck, as soon as the weather cooperates and I get a few days of sunshine.

We are definitely looking forward to spending time out in the back yard this summer. 


  1. YES! I have definitely noticed how expensive patio furniture is. It's insane! I love the picnic table though. Costco is so awesome.

    Someday I'll actually make it to the backyard and get a patio done so I have a place for any type of table. :)

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