Kitchen - Christmas Decor

I like to change up the decor above my kitchen cupboards for the holidays. I added some white lights along the top as well. It gives it such a warm glow at night. Here is what I came up with this year.

Here is the other side.

Here is the single cupboard.

And above our pantry.

We don't have a huge kitchen by any means, but it works for the most part. This gives you a better idea of the whole space.

Happy Tuesday!
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  1. SO fun! I love the snowmen (: We have a bunch in our kitchen for Christmas, too!

  2. Your kitchen is so nice and clean! :) (I bet you can only guess what mine looks like right now) LOVE the little stocking sign that says "Believe." Cute. :)

  3. I noticed your pantry is an odd shape - I also have an odd shaped one. Do you have wooden shelves in there? Are they the whole width? Did the builder do it? I have a new home and we have white wired shelves but the are squared off so that I have empty spaces and I am wondering how I can utilize the space better. After the holidays I am going to hie a handy man but I wanted to gather some ideas first!

  4. I love all the vinyl!

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