A White Cupboard

Another piece of furniture that we have had forever, is this white pantry cupboard.

I actually bought this while I was going to college just so I could have more storage.  It's been a great cupboard through the years, and I love that I can close the doors and hide more storage.  For now, it's used to store all the baby blankets, extra diapers and wipes, and DVD players for road trips.

On top, I added a framed lace picture of the London LDS Temple, the photo I used of Logan for his birth announcement, a set of small drawers that I redid a couple years ago, a cute little red wagon I received as a gift (for my oldest son), and a small framed picture of mom and dad.

I love the pop of red from the wagon and scrapbook paper I added behind Logan's photo.

I only have a couple small projects to finish up in this room and I'll be done!!

I've been working like mad the last few days on Christmas gifts.  I can't wait to share those soon too. 


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