So have you noticed I haven't posted for a couple weeks.  Life has been busy.  I had to work last week, and when I have to work 5 days a week, I don't get much else accomplished.  This week my oldest was home sick a couple days and I have been trying to catch up on house stuff - you know how that goes.  But being 9 months pregnant on top of that - I admit, I just run out of steam.

Today I am 37 weeks, which is considered full term.  Guess little guy is welcome to come any time now.  I have been doing laundry, packing my hospital bag and making other preparations so I think I'm getting closer to being ready.  My mom arrives in town on Tuesday - so we're looking forward to having her visit for a few weeks. 

One simple project I wanted to share was this laugh sign.  I picked it up at the Dollar Tree last year and it was originally unfinished.  I spray painted it black.  But then changed it up and painted it white.  This time I decided to go red. 

My son's room (which will now be the baby room) has red accents, so this was perfect.

I think I want to add a few more red touches as well.

Maybe some red frames here and there - we'll see what I come up with.


  1. I have been thinking about you! I was wondering if you were busy with the new little addition as to why you haven't posted lately. Hang in there, you'll be really busy when that little one arrives. Love the touches of red in the nursery. Blessings to you and enjoy your weekend, Gail


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