Beadboard Magnet Board

Well I had some leftover beadboard from my bookshelf I redid, so I had Home Depot cut it down to 12x12 pieces.

I decided to paint the board black - well a bunch of boards.

Then for the magnet part, I went to Lowe's and picked up a roll of metal for about $8.00 and cut it into 8x8 pieces.

Then I covered the metal with scrapbook paper by using a little hot glue on the back.

Then I attached it to the beadboard with hot glue as well.

I added a piece of ribbon on the back with a couple small nails.  Then I just made a bunch of them.

I also made some magnets with coordinating paper to go with them too.

Simple and inexpensive Christmas gifts.

Tomorrow is the big day, so I hope you're ready!!  My darling boys are just estatic! Linking up to:
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  1. Thanks for following my blog. Your magnet boards are really cute!

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